Sidebr is a greasemonkey userscript that restores the Posts/Followers/Messages/Drafts/Queue sidebar back to the dashboard.


[Sidebr->Rebar] [0.8] Tumblr Rebar

  • The menu has moved to your user icon
  • Rewrote all core components of Tumblr Sidebr
  • If you use this, disable/remove Sidebr.
  • Still need to implement removing individual navigation elements
  • Radar and Blogs to Follow will be hidden if you detach the sidebar
  • If you use this, disable/remove Sidebr.

[4] Tumblr Sidebr

Now compatible with Tumblr’s new layout.

[Sidebr] Troubleshooting

If your Sidebr disappears after updating, try resetting Sidebr (left icon on the controls typically found under the radar).

[Sidebr FAQ] Updated

Added the following:

Q. What are these things on the bottom of my Sidebr?

A: Here’s a picture!

  • Customizations include hiding parts of the Sidebr and reattaches the Sidebr if it’s detached.
  • Detaches (heyo, typo) or reattaches the Sidebr
  • Resets and hides all customizations (so you don’t see the ‘x next to the navigation)

[Sidebr 3.03] Quick Fix

Looks like Tumblr is changing some behind-the-scenes stuff.

Made a quick update to fix the look and feel.

[Sidebr 3.02] Yipes

Did something dumb. Fixed it. Here is the temporary stopgap again.

[Sidebr 3.01] Stopgap

Bug in 3.0 involving tags with editors and contributors (thanks thefrogman). Temporarily (hopefully) removed /tagged from the includes list while I investigate.

Here is the temporary stopgap.

[Sidebr 3.0] Restore Tumblr Sidebr (Greasemonkey) [Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac only), Opera]

Version 3 Released!

New features:

  • Hide any and all parts of the sidebr!
  • Undock the sidebr! Have it move around as you scroll!

A quick demo of the new features.

[Sidebr] Opera Issues?

Someone reported that the last update broke Sidebr in Opera. If so, you can use an older version. A little research gives me some idea on why it might’ve broken, but I haven’t started writing a fix.

Stay tuned!